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皇冠手机登录地址3 螯合树脂富集辅助激光诱导击穿光谱检测水体中的Cu元素和Mn元素

Detection of Copper and Manganese in Water by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Based on Chelate Resin

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提出了将螯合树脂作为一种新型固相基底来富集水溶液中的Cu元素和Mn元素,之后进行激光诱导击穿光谱检测的方法。选取Cu I 324.75 nm和Mn II 257.61 nm作为特征分析谱线,优化了一系列参数,包括激光能量、延迟时间、激光聚焦位置、样品溶液流速及溶液pH值。在最佳实验参数条件下,建立了Cu元素和Mn元素的定标曲线,Cu元素和Mn元素的检出限分别为0.03 mg·L -1和0.098 mg·L -1。采用所提方法采集自然水样进行检测,计算得出Cu和Mn的回收率范围分别为93.88%~108.09%和91.99%~103.88%。该方法检测灵敏度较高,也可用于自然水体的检测,在水体重金属检测领域具有广阔的应用前景。


Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) was applied to detect the copper and manganese concentrations in an aqueous solution using chelate resin as the solid-phase support. Cu I 324.75 nm and Mn II 257.61 nm were selected as the analysis lines. The parameters, such as the laser energy, delay time, laser focus position, sample solution flow rate, and pH of the sample solution, were investigated. Further, the calibration curves of Cu and Mn were established under optimal experimental parameters. The detection limits of Cu and Mn were 0.03 and 0.098 mg·L -1, respectively. Furthermore, the proposed method was used to obtain the natural water samples, and the recoveries of Cu and Mn were 93.88%-108.09% and 91.99%-103.88%, respectively. The proposed method demonstrates high detection sensitivity, can be applied to natural water, and is promising for the detection of heavy metals in water environments.








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郑培超:重庆邮电大学光电工程学院, 光电信息感测与传输技术重庆重点实验室, 重庆 400065
李倩雨:重庆邮电大学光电工程学院, 光电信息感测与传输技术重庆重点实验室, 重庆 400065
王金梅:重庆邮电大学光电工程学院, 光电信息感测与传输技术重庆重点实验室, 重庆 400065
谭癸宁:重庆邮电大学光电工程学院, 光电信息感测与传输技术重庆重点实验室, 重庆 400065
赵怀冬:重庆邮电大学光电工程学院, 光电信息感测与传输技术重庆重点实验室, 重庆 400065
刘冉宁:重庆邮电大学光电工程学院, 光电信息感测与传输技术重庆重点实验室, 重庆 400065

联系人作者:郑培超, 王金梅(wangjm@cqupt.edu.cn, wangjm@cqupt.edu.cn)


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郑培超, 李倩雨, 王金梅, 谭癸宁, 赵怀冬, 刘冉宁. 螯合树脂富集辅助激光诱导击穿光谱检测水体中的Cu元素和Mn元素[J]. 皇冠手机, 2019, 46(8): 0811001

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